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Tata’s Pierogi

Our history

This is the beginning of our history with pierogi. Today, we already present to you the many flavors of our cuisine. Our goal is to provide the best quality products as well as preserve the old recipes of our grandmother. We promise to bring all of our pierogi to the plate in the healthiest way possible as well as keeping that Polish tradition alive.

Who we are

Tata's Pierogi is a small family run business, a fusion of both restaurant and factory, and modern and traditional cuisine. The cozy setting and warm friendly atmosphere give a sense of the Polish-European culture of dining.

Welcome friends!

Thanks for stopping by! We're Tata's Pierogi, and I'm Klaud. I'm the guy that made this website and all the design stuff. Let me tell you about this exciting chapter in our lives and how we got started.

Tata had a dream ever since he could remember. He came to America to work on his dream. It took him a long time and he had a long journey to find the right people and the right timing to bring his dream to life. This is the beginning of his dream.


Our customers are the most important member of our family. We started Tata's Pierogi to spread the love of our great tasting comfort food to as many people as we can. Satisfaction is our biggest priority and we make a promise to always try our best to ensure that you will not be disappointed when you come to visit us.

We take a great deal of pride in our growing number of reviews we have been getting. Our goal is to be a 5-star restaurant. Every day that we are anything less, we are working harder on getting there with anything that we need to improve on.

We love hearing from you and we miss you when you're not around. Questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions are always welcome! Reviews are great as well, we appreciate them so much.

When you come to Tata's Pierogi, you are part of the family. The best part about being a member of this family is the love and bond we share (not to mention the food). Come join our family and see what our pierogi are all about!